Make Money Online with Social Media

Make Money Online with Social Media

  1. Sponsored Tweets
  2. Video Marketing

    Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan and other “celebrities” make good money by tweeting product recommendations. You might not earn as much as them, but you can still make money online with sponsored tweets.

    There are two main companies that will help you run sponsored tweets:

    Video Marketing

    If you want to market your services online without spending a lot of money, video marketing is your best bet.

    Video marketing is when you create and upload short videos about yourself or your service. For example:

    • If you’re an aspiring makeup artist, you might create video tutorials showing people how to create a dramatic look. You should include a link back to your website in the description.
    • If you’re a chef, you can make cooking videos with links to your restaurant’s home page. You might end the video with a call to action, e.g. “Try these chicken wings at Rodney’s Bar & Grill!”
    • If you’re in nursing school, you might create a short video about tips on studying, with links to your blog or a related ebook.
    • You can also promote affiliate programs on your videos, through tutorials, testimonials, and reviews.

    Here are the main video sharing websites online:

    1. Youtube – the most popular on this list. If you want to make money on Youtube, check out the Youtube Partner Program.
    2. Vimeo – video-sharing website which offers original content in HD. Great if you want to promote a kickstarter campaign, documentary, or another artistic project.
    3. Dailymotion – second-largest video-sharing platform online.

    There are many different ways to make videos for the web, such as:

    • Recording video on your iPhone or Android
    • Using a Flip camera or a webcam
    • Using a digital camera that records video
    • Taking a screencast using a program like Camtasia or Screenflow

    You don’t have to make the most amazing-looking video to do effective video marketing. As long as your videos are interesting and engaging, people will probably visit them.

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