Legitimate Work From Home Jobs

Legitimate Work From Home Jobs

There are many legitimate work from home jobs out there. Whether you want to work as a consultant, a programmer, a writer, or something else entirely, you can find a job that lets you earn money without leaving the house.

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Career Education & Training Median Salary Growth
App Developer Programming experience, computer science degree (optional) $56,534 Faster than average
Author Long-term on-the-job training $35,000* Unknown
Blogger None $32,268* Unknown
Computer Programmer Computer science degree (optional) $71,380 About as fast as average
Consultant Depends on field $70,450† Depends on field
Copywriter On-the-job training, literature or marketing degree (optional) $42,082 Slower than average
Craft/Fine Artists Education in crafts or fine arts $43,470 Slower than average
Customer Service Representative On-the-job training $30,610 Average
Ebook Publisher On-the-job training Unknown Much faster than average
Fiverr-Doer Related experience $5-150 per gig Average or better
Medical Transcriptionist Certification or associate’s degree $32,900 Slower than average
Mystery Shopper Retail sales experience (optional)
Niche Website Owner
Odd Jobsman Related experience Unknown Unknown
Technical Support Specialist High school diploma $46,260 Fast as average
Virtual Assistant $31,420
Web Designer

*I’m suspicious of this salary estimate. Incomes vary tremendously for bloggers, from millions of dollars a year to nothing. It’s also hard to collect salary info for this job, for a number of reasons.

†Salary estimate is for all consultants in all fields.

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