Make Money Online with URL Shorteners –, Linkbucks

Make Money Online with URL Shorteners –, Linkbucks

These URL shorteners show an ad before they take the visitor to your link. Every time someone clicks on your shortened URL, and sees the interstitial ad, you’ll make a little money.

URL shorteners are a great way for popular facebook and twitter users to make a little money. The more people click on your shortened links, the more money you’ll earn.

  3. Linkbucks allows you to earn money whenever people click on your shortened URLs, by showing an intermission ad before redirecting to the link.

Here’s an example short link to our homepage:

You’ll get paid based on how many people click on your links. The pay per click is very small, but you only have to make $5 to withdraw your funds from


  • What is Video briefly redirects users to an advertisement before taking them to a shortened URL’s destination. runs a forum for publishers and advertisers alike.

Here’s an example link to the College Optional Careers homepage: offers a referral program. If you sign someone up for, you will get 20% of their lifetime earnings through You can promote their service through links and banners.


Linkbucks offers many options for shortening and monetizing your links. Every time you shorten a link with Linkbucks, you can specify:

  • What kind of ad you want to show. On Linkbucks, you can display banner ads, intermission ads that show up before redirecting to the site, and locker links that require the user to complete a survey to be redirected to your site.
  • Which domain you want to use to shorten your links. If you’re using Twitter and space is at a premium, you can use domains like or instead of

You can use Linkbucks to create a full page script that makes every link on a webpage (with whatever exceptions you specify) into a linkbucks link.

Here are some example Linkbucks links to the College Optional Careers homepage:

Linkbucks has a three-tiered referral program. That means that you earn a commission on referrals from your referrals.

For example, let’s say you refer Suzy to Linkbucks. She then refers Jane and Louise. Not only do you get a commission from referring Suzy, but you get  smaller commissions for “referring” Jane and Louise as well.

If you own a website or blog, you can put up horizontal banner ads with your referral code embedded in them.


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