Make Money Online with Social Media

Sponsored Tweets Video Marketing Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan and other “celebrities” make good money by tweeting product recommendations. You might not earn as much as them, but you can still make money online with sponsored tweets. There are two main companies that will help you run sponsored tweets: Video Marketing If you want to market your services online without spending a lot of money, video marketing is your best bet. Video marketing is when you create and upload short videos about yourself or your service. For example: If you’re an aspiring makeup artist, you might create video tutorials showing people… Read More

101 Ways to Make Money Online

Would you rather read all of this information one chapter at a time? Click here to read “101 Ways to Make Money Online” chapter by chapter. You’ll get the same information in a slightly different format. There are more than 101 ways to make money online, but mastering just one or two of these methods can improve your life in ways you can’t imagine. With extra money coming in, you can: You don’t need to be a genius or a celebrity to make money online. You don’t need to create and run a huge business like Amazon, Paypal or Zappos. However, you… Read More

Phlebotomist Careers

Education and Training: 4 weeks – 6 months: Combined classwork, labwork, externship and certification test M:F Ratio: 12:88 Hours worked per week: 40 Median Salary: $37,150* Lowest/Highest 10% Salary: $23,480/$53,520* Growth: Average *The above salary data is for all medical and laboratory technicians. Average phlebotomist salaries may be a bit lower than this. Table of Contents What does a phlebotomist do? Phlebotomists draw blood for tests, transfusions, donations, and research. Some phlebotomists also do basic technical jobs, like preparing blood samples for lab work. They must follow hygiene and safety procedures, to prevent the spread of diseases like Hepatitis and… Read More

How to Make Money with Amazon

There are so many ways to make money on Amazon, it deserves its own section. Authors, merchants, bloggers, journalists, and nonprofits can all make money on Amazon through one or more of their programs. Here are all the Amazon programs covered in this section: Amazon Advantage lets you sell your books, movies and music directly to After you’ve applied for the Amazon Advantage program, Amazon orders some of your product. If your product starts selling well, they’ll order more to keep up with demand. In return, Amazon handles shipping, payment, returns, and other customer issues for you. Links: Amazon… Read More

The Student Loan Scam by Alan Michael Collinge: A Book Review

by Alan Michael Collinge Nothing could have prepared me for the shock and rage I experienced when I first read this book. I thought I knew how bad it was. I already knew that student loans were a debt trap. I already knew that many people had had their lives ruined by student loans which they could barely repay. Collinge’s book showed me, in great detail, how much I didn’t know. Here is some of what I learned from reading it: Members of the Department of Education have been found to own stock in the very student loan companies they’re… Read More

College Optional Careers – Find a great career today!

You can find a great career without a bachelor’s degree. How many times have you heard this before?… “If you don’t go to college, you’ll be flipping burgers the rest of your life!” “You can’t get a good job without a college degree.” There are no good jobs without college degrees.” “If you graduate college, you’ll make a million dollars more on average. Why would you throw away a million dollars?” “If you want the American Dream, college is not optional.” And how many times have you noticed… …the job market leaving people–college or no college–barely employed? …the huge student… Read More

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Your donations help pay for books, website maintenance, design updates, and research-related expenses. I appreciate every donation I receive, no matter how large or how small. Thank you for your suppport. Donate $25: Donate $50: Donate $100: Donate $250: Donate $500: Donate any amount: You can also donate any amount you wish in bitcoin. Our bitcoin address is: 13XZQ3tvpodRyG8sToMCB1qEyhCoXMZxT3 Return to the College Optional Careers home page. Donate Bitcoins: 13XZQ3tvpodRyG8sToMCB1qEyhCoXMZxT3

5 Reasons to Reconsider College

So you’ve been told, almost since you were born, that college is your ticket to the good life. And you’ve noticed that the job market is, well, not good. And college is expensive. Maybe you’ve just realized that you don’t want to go to college––but you’re not sure if that’s okay. If you’re reconsidering college––if you’re not sure whether it’s worth it––you’re not alone. Here’s what you need to know… 1. The wage premium isn’t as great as you think. Let’s get this out of the way: college graduates don’t make a million dollars more than those without a degree.… Read More

Online Advertising Companies – Make Money with Online Ads

Online advertising companies offer you an easy way to make money from your blog or website. All you have to do is sign up for the online program and copy their ad code onto your website. You’ll need to monitor your ads, and tweak them as well, to make sure you’re getting the best conversion rate possible. The more traffic your website gets, the better. Sites with low or no traffic are unlikely to make a lot of money on ads. Even websites with high traffic cannot rely on ad revenue––so think of them as a nice secondary income stream… Read More


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